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"Boudoir" means whatever you want it to mean. Beauty or Bad-Assness. 
Even personal branding for your business.
This is an intimate look at you + your life.

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Woman, I invite you to do something special for yourself!

 This is an invitation to celebrate and honor who you are today by having a customized photoshoot experience and artwork created just for you. Every woman deserves this experience and to be documented as they are right now.

It can be a huge stepping stone on your self love journey. It can be a re-awakening to yourself. Or it doesn't have to be so deep. It can be a fun day just for you! 

Either way, we will create artwork of YOU and feelings that will last a lifetime. This has a ripple effect in your life, I promise! My clients tell me all the time.

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The Process

Don't worry, I've got you!

All sessions are completely
personalized to fit the woman's wants and needs.

Pre-Planning Consultation

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It's nice to meet before doing such a vulnerable photoshoot. Portraiture in itself is intimate, even if you choose not to do it in your undies. Because of that, the planning consultation is so important! It helps settle the nerves by meeting each other beforehand and we get a game plan. We discuss the vibe you'd like, posing style, favorite features, insecurities, and outfits. I ask how you'd like to feel afterward from doing this shoot. This becomes my mission for you!

Photoshoot day

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Yay, it's your day to feel like a model!
When you arrive, we settle in for a bit. We can have a mimosa to relax and look over the outfits and get organized. I start the posing very simply by standing in the window or sitting up on the bed. I will show you a beautiful shot on the back of the camera within the first couple minutes. That always relaxes the ladies into the experience and gains trust that y'all are doing fine and look great!

Same day viewing and ordering


I bet you're hungry after all that arching! You can go have lunch and then come back to view your images in person. I'll help you narrow them down and we choose what artwork option best suits your taste. We have luxury albums with lots of fun colors and textures, boxed print sets, canvas and metal wall art. Within a few weeks, you will have your digitals and printed artwork in your hands.

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Co-create with me to express your unique-ness. There is only ONE like you!

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OMG, that's me?!

*The most common reaction*
Try a different perspective to see the angles of yourself that you can't see.

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You are ART!

As a companion to your album, we can create a canvas or metal wall art which will serve as a constant reminder that you are a beautiful bad ass woman!

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Location Options

Where would you like to shoot?

We have plenty of options in our TWO studio locations including: Our original home studio in Golden Meadow, LA :

A classic bedset, vintage velvet couch, a tiki bar for those pinup vibes, and an outdoor area with a clawfoot bathtub & shower.

2nd studio : Downtown Thibodaux location features a very bohemian vibe with bedset, brown leather couch, all the tapestries, floor cushions, wicker peacock chair, and of course downtown "walkabout" sessions.

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Want to be in your own space?
In home sessions can really showcase who the woman is in her own environment. All you need is natural window light.

Feeling adventurous?

We can go to the beach, find a spot in the woods, or take a walk in a downtown area.

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Feeling extra boujee?
We can find a fancy hotel for a grander look. *Hotel fees apply.

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Self <3 Investment

Invest in your soul's vibrancy and your photographic legacy. Exist in print.

The professional photoshoot experience starts at $200 for the session fee, with luxurious artwork sold separately. 

Average investment is $1.000 and payment plans are available with PayPal Credit.

On a super tight budget?

I still want you to experience this!

"CELLFIE" sessions are also available for only $200, done on client cell phone. 

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What She Said...

"I always see other women's pictures and think I could never look that good, but dang these give me confidence!"

"I absolutely love them! Thanks for making me fall in love with my own skin. I never knew the true beauty of my shape until doing this."

"Thanks so much. You helped my self esteem so much since the first viewing."

"It's been so hard for me to look at myself this way, but this experience opened my eyes to what I thought was impossible. I can't believe that girl in the pictures is me."

"Is it crazy I'm already thinking about shooting again and thinking of different things to do?!"

"I greatly appreciate everything! You are amazing at what you do and it was worth every penny."

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Meet your photographer

Hi, I'm Lainey! 

I work exclusively with women and girls, for age appropriate photoshoot experiences. 


Women struggle with so many things and none of us are immune to societal pressures and beauty standards. 

But truly, life is so short! It's too short to not live in your authentic expression! It is too short to be hindered by our judgements of our bodies.

My wish is that we would all value our personalities and our hearts more than our bodies. That we could see ourselves like those that love us do, with softer kinder eyes. And also finally get to see our unique physical beauty and hotness celebrated too!

I have done all genres of photography, but once I did that first boudoir session, I felt a deeper sense of purpose in my work and quit everything else. Until I realized these self image issues that we almost all have, start in childhood. So I started working with younger girls for them to express themselves. 

My photography services for girls and teens is respectively called "All The Wildflowers Photo Co." You may find those services on Facebook under that name.

I look at this as empowerment photoshoots where the woman can express many aspects of herself, but also as a healing. If someone's self esteem and body image can improve through this experience, it is healing. Women have said that they needed to feel beautiful, or strong, or badass, or just feel like an individual again after "Momming" for so long. I am honored that my services and artwork can help. 

I'd love to create something special for you! It is so fun to have a day to feel like a model, maybe after a lifetime of feeling like we didn't measure up.

I love meeting women, learning your stories, and providing this customized experience and creating artwork just for you!

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Got a business?
Let's do a Personal Branding Sesh!

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Contact me!
Let's do this ;)

Golden Meadow, LA
Downtown Thibodaux, LA


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